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Bactor Boost Plus

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Healthier crops and higher yields


Unleash your soil's potential


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We pride ourselves in the development of quality products for crop management, providing the best possible service to our growers for healthier crops and higher yields.

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Bactor Boost Plus

Microorganisms promoting healthier soils

Bactor Boost Plus

The beneficial bacteria and fungi used in BactorBoost Plus are microorganisms that act as recycling agents to nutrients and compounds that have been attached to the soil by their electric charge forming salts.

Why use?

Researchers at major U.S. universities have performed extensive studies which have shown 10% to 40% + or - higher yields in organic and conventional crops treated with bacteria- based products.


Better absorption of nutrients and water, better root and plant growth, better crop performance, stress reduction during transplanting and drought, increases the capacity of cationic exchange.
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